Uncover & Discover

Money Coaching is ideal for someone to uncover and discover their behaviors and patterns that are running in our subconscious.  Dealing with money can be complex. When we allow ourselves to understand that money involves more than just day-to-day transactions, we must reflect on and transform our relationships with it.

Money Coaching helps with the practical, emotional and spiritual elements of the energetic exchange we call money. Through Money Coaching,  you will learn to uncover, observe and create balance in your relationship with money. You will see that you can let go of deep-rooted beliefs and habits surrounding money so that you may grow toward your own goals of wealth, success and prosperity.

Money Coaching will walk you step-by-step through:

  • Discovering your “money type” and assessing how that plays a role in your relationship with money.
  • Finding the root of your money type and why you hold the beliefs that created it.
  • Breaking down barriers and beliefs around money that cause fear or anxiety.
  • Directing your thinking around money in a more positive, healthy way.
  • Learning how money is related to all of your interpersonal relationships.
  • Developing balance in the financial, emotional and spiritual elements of your life.

Remember to take The Money Type Quiz and should you be interested, contact Corrin for a complimentary 15-minute follow up consultation.