Investing with a Purpose

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At Successful Wealth®Strategies, LLC we look at investing as a partnership. Good partnerships require trust, mutual respect and understanding. Using these core values, we work with you to create an investment strategy that starts where you are today.  We then map out an investment plan that takes you where you want to go. 

Understanding what the purpose is for your investments helps make sticking to your financial goals and dreams much easier. That is why having a financial plan in place is so important and goes hand in hand with your investment strategy. The financial plan lays out what your desired goals are and what you need to have invested in order to reach them. When you add the money coaching into the mix, we now have a picture of what patterns and behaviors can show up to get in the way of achieving your desired financial outcome.

Have you asked yourself lately… 

“What is it I want my money to do for me?”

Answers to Your Investing Questions

A Fiduciary Standard puts the client’s best interests ahead of the firm’s. Yes, SWS is held to the Fiduciary Standard. 

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SWS gets paid via fees for investments under management. Please reach out for a copy of the firm’s ADV for an explanation of the SWS fee structure, or review via

If you would like a more in-depth discussion of your specific situation, please reach out.

At SWS, we take a unique approach to help you evaluate and understand your subconscious money habits that influence your relationship with money.  This in-depth approach allows you to create a healthy relationship with your money, which is paramount to sticking with an investment and planning strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Being trained as both a CFP® and a CMC® gives SWS a unique expertise in the planning and investing community. We understand that there is more than “just money” involved in investing and planning.  There is an emotional component that needs to be integrated as well. At SWS, we help combine all these pieces as we cocreate your investment strategy.

At SWS we are happy to meet you where you are on your money journey. We only ask that you be open and honest and ready to look at things with a different perspective than you may have before. If you are willing to explore the emotions and behaviors that are present in your money story, then you are a great fit for SWS.

Yes!  The SWS approach to financial and investment planning is also unique. We are equipped to guide you through your investment needs from Retirement Planning, College planning, Charitable Giving, assisting with Estate Planning or Stock Options etc.  We partner with you to determine your unique investment plan.

We are so heart-based and client centric that working with SWS is much more like working with friends and family. We know how it feels to be treated with kindness and compassion and have created a company to be just that, authentically and wholeheartedly. We focus on those principals as we move into helping you create the financial relationship and picture you have always dreamed about! 

SWS is passionate about the unique holistic approach taken to include coaching, planning  and investing as an integrated process. If someone is committed to that whole process, we try to be inclusive and not create minimums to exclude anyone. However, there are certain money managers that we work with that do have minimum investment requirements.  Everyone’s investment needs are unique, and we try to accommodate what each individual needs to achieve their goals.

After completing the Core Money Coaching Process and Creating your Successful Wealth®  Map, we will have constructed your desired time frame, assessed your risk tolerance and discussed your goals, desires and dreams. Establishing your investment account is a very straightforward process. First, you fill out SWS Firm’s paperwork and then an application to have your money managed and lastly, we select a strategy together whereby expectations are established.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is investing where financial gain is not the only goal but also how the financial gain is achieved. What is the social impact on the various industries and segments that may be in question and investing to minimize or eliminate them from a portfolio.

We really care about the world we live in at SWS and want to leave a better footprint for the generations that follow. If Socially Responsible Investing is something you would like to learn more about then we are happy to share more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Please see the definition of a Certified Money Coach, CMC® on the Money Coaching page.