Holistic Business Coaching

Business Archetype Coaching and Holistic Business Coaching

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Business Archetype Coaching (BAC) is a behaviorally-focused holistic business coaching process that integrates coaching psychology with sound business practices. Why do we look at behaviors in our coaching process? Simply because businesses are run by people, who often have distinct patterns and behaviors that subconsciously impact and influence our business decisions and capacity to create and sustain a profitable, successful enterprise. These subconscious factors can influence how you:

  • Interact with and treat your employees
  • Interact with and treat your customers
  • See yourself vs. how we are seen by others
  • Deal with our interpersonal relationships
  • Manage conflicts that arise between your employees
  • Manage conflicts that arise with your clients
  • Make business decisions with regard to running and growing your business

BAC is a proprietary process that helps us to shed light and create a plan for dealing with unforeseen road blocks as well as developing a course of action for the the ones that may already be present.

How is BAC different from Business Consulting?

BAC is different from traditional business consulting in that it engages clients on a more personal level. BAC helps clients from the perspective of “why they do” something rather than simply “what to do” by exploring the deeper issues, options and solutions with a client.

Consultants typically have a specified area of expertise, for example, Marketing & Social Media, Sales, IT, Legal Issues & Contracts.  While BAC helps to motivate clients to see beyond their conscious limitations and barriers into aspects of themselves they may not even be aware are present.

BAC largely focuses on the personal feelings, motivations, and behaviors of their clients while traditional Business Consulting may focus entirely on attempting to improve the functionality of the business from a strategic standpoint. We do both, looking at both inner and outer dynamics at play.

Unfortunately, clients can only get so far with a traditional business coaching or consulting approach which often puts practical strategy and procedures in front of a business owner’s fundamental needs, beliefs, and motivations. A business strategy alone, while technically correct, may progress slowly or not succeed at all when it fails to acknowledge subconscious barriers that are hidden and hard to navigate alone.

Why engage in BAC for you and your business?

We all have our gifts. We all poses strengths and expertise. However, to be good at everything or do everything necessary to succeed in business alone may not always be feasible. While we may have the brain power, we may simply lack the time and energy to be the an “expert” in all areas business practice that are essential to manage in order to succeed. A wise business owner or executive knows this and seeks to understand and change whatever isn’t working so they can move forward and create their greater vision.

Holistic Business Coaching is something you may want to consider if you:

    • Would like to have a fresh perspective, consider new ideas and approaches that are based upon experience and wisdom.
    • Benefit from encouragement, support and guidance from an “accountability partner” who wants you to realize your potential.
    • Would like help with your employee dynamics to foster an environment of respect and understanding.
    • Need help to manage and support your team, their responsibilities and eliminate job confusion.
    • Would like to create healthy boundaries between you and your team.
    • Are open and ready to create a clear path to growing your business in a way that truly aligns with your greater vision and purpose.

BAC is an invaluable process that will help you gain clarity and increase the productivity and profitability of your business!