Couples Money Coaching

Why Couples Money Coaching is Beneficial

We all have our distinct patterns and behaviors around money.  They can be tricky on their own and when combined with a partner’s patterns and behaviors a couple’s money dynamic can become downright complicated!

Money is one of the leading causes of stress in a marriage if not the leading cause of divorce.   

What may start as a small disagreement or difference in values in a relationship could become the very thing that leads to its demise.

Couples Money Coaching is:

  • a very distinct process that will get couples to open up with each other in ways never thought possible  
  • a process to help uncover what the individual’s patterns and behaviors are around money and help to understand them in the context of themselves as well as their partnership.
  • a 6 or 8 week Core Couples Money Coaching Process that takes couples on a journey of self and joint discovery!

Couples Money Coaching helps:

  • to create a healthy framework for Communication by offering tools and new ways to view what is going on deeply at the core of the relationship. Communication is key in any healthy relationship and as couples learn to express themselves differently and create a willingness to be open to a new way of communicating, a powerful transformation can occur!
  • to take the guesswork out of what is going on in the relationship.  We all get triggered in our day to day lives, but now couples will learn to give voice to what is truly going on.
  • to create a basis for compassion, love and forgiveness and to truly meet your partner where they are and to understand why they are there.

I absolutely love coaching couples because when I am able to witness the love and healing that can occur between two people, it leaves me speechless.  I enjoy helping couples heal and remember why they first fell in love.  It is an absolute pleasure to do the work I do and I am blessed and honored to do it.

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