Money Coaching

Uncover & Discover with Money Coaching

Money Coaching is an ideal way to uncover and discover your behaviors and patterns that are running in your subconscious. Dealing with money can be complex. When you allow yourself to understand that money involves more than just day-to-day transactions, it will allow you to reflect on and transform your relationship with it.

Money Coaching helps with the practical, emotional and spiritual elements of the energetic exchange we call money. Through Money Coaching, you will learn to uncover, observe and create balance in your relationship with money. You will see that you can let go of deep-rooted beliefs and habits surrounding money so that you may grow toward your own goals of wealth, success and prosperity.

Money Coaching Steps

Money Coaching will walk you step-by-step through:

  • Discovering your “money type” and assessing how that plays a role in your relationship with money.
  • Finding the root of your money type and why you hold the beliefs that created it.
  • Breaking down barriers and beliefs around money that cause fear or anxiety.
  • Directing your thinking around money in a more positive, healthy way.
  • Learning how money is related to all of your interpersonal relationships.
  • Developing balance in the financial, emotional and spiritual elements of your life.

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Answers to Your Money Coaching Questions

A Certified Money Coach, CMC®, is trained to understand what is going on subconsciously with you reflected by deeply wired patterning in the brain. A CMC® helps you understand why you have certain patterns and behaviors around money and to help you shift the challenging ones to create the relation with money you desire.  

Money coaching focuses on the emotional side of money. You may have a handle on the practical piece but how do you feel emotionally about it. When money is flowing and things are going well in your financial life, great! What happens when they are not? What are your money triggers? When you are triggered what patterns, behaviors, and money tendencies show up? What is lying below the surface in the subconscious of your money story?

We start out with a four step weekly or biweekly Core Money Coaching Process. This process is very diagnostic and by the end of the four sessions, you will have a clear picture of what your money patterns are and why they are there. At the end of the four sessions, we decide what your best course of action is based on your coaching needs and your budget.

Creating awareness is the first step to creating change because you can’t change what you are unaware of. After completing the Core Money Coaching Process, you will have created awareness to begin the healing process and creating the change you desire. But, continued diligence, whether on your own or with additional coaching, will be needed.

Our money patterns and behaviors are hardwired from an early age, so to create change we need to continue working with them to create new desired patterns. It may take longer than four sessions to do that.

There are many of us who are ready to feel and be open to what is going on in our financial lives.  There are many of us who want to create a different reality from the one we are experiencing, to create a different perspective. At SWS we are ready and willing to be that guide and supportive coach to allow you to feel, grow and heal what comes up on that journey. At SWS we want you to knowhow innately perfect you are and that everything is happening just as it is supposed to in divine timing in order to create the space for the necessary growth on your journey.

Simply put, you can’t solve an emotional/behavioral money issue with a practical financial solution. We need to figure out why you are doing what you are doing and address that first. That allows us to understand you at a deeper level so we can help you at the core of the issue before moving to the practical financial pieces. That is why the money coaching is so important and why it is paramount to work through this piece first. So, we have a language and basic understanding as we move into the other parts of the practical financial piece. This is truly what it means to have a holistic financial approach to financial planning & investing!