Beautiful Change

Change is not something one chooses on a regular basis. In fact, most people avoid change at all costs. But change is something that inevitably is a part of life. So, what if instead of resisting change, we allow ourselves to see it as beautiful. So often as we move through change and outside our comfort zones, the other side is beyond what we could have imagined! In a good way!

For me, there is so much change happening being a parent of young children. I sometimes catch myself thinking how I wish I could freeze time and keep them this age always. I laugh as I realize I have thought that at every age. And what I have found is that at every age there is something wonderful about it.  Each age is just as wonderful as all the others.  My oldest daughter is going to 6th grade this year and has not been placed with her best girlfriends. Last year she was with both. That is major change, and being a parent, you certainly worry about friend groups and hope your children are getting their social needs met at school. So, at first, I was a little nervous and worried and then I reframed my thought to be one that says, “this is an opportunity for my daughter to cultivate an abundance of new friendships”. The change could, in fact, be beautiful! I am looking forward to hearing how her first day and the rest of her year unfolds.

I have seen clients and friends go through divorce to only come out of the dark times to a beautiful outcome. It may take some time to heal and journey through that challenging period, but the change was indeed beautiful in the end. Often, we may have to journey through a more challenging time to reach the beauty on the other side. That difficult time, however, is what can allow us to see the beauty that may have been right in front of our eyes the whole time. We may just need a perspective shift.

When I first started Money Coaching, I thought everyone would welcome a new money perspective. That everyone I talked to would be excited to take the Money Quiz on my website, have a complimentary consultation and move forward with coaching and uncover and change their Money Story. What I have found oddly enough, is that many people are resistant to uncover what their Money Story is and to effectively change it. However uncomfortable their current money situation may be! Why? It is not easy for many people to talk about money. It is arguably the last remaining taboo out there. But once someone begins unraveling their Money Story, talking about it and discovering what it is and where and why their story is showing up as it is, the biggest most beautiful changes can occur! Money relates to so many aspects of our life on so many levels. Do you think it is worth spending more time with yours and creating the Money Story you have always dreamed about? There is no reason to stay in your Money Comfort Zone when the other side of that comfort zone may hold such Beautiful welcomed Change!

Please take the Money quiz and learn more about the ways to begin understanding your Money Story!